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Thank You St. Therese of Lisieux

Yesterday was the final day of my Parish St. John of the Cross, Fall Festival. I spent the entire day there with my girls Violet and Chloe. We spent most of the weekend there even though I have been struggling lately with some health issues, but yesterday was so precious.

My girls were playing a carnival game and my daughter Violet noticed a stuffed dog holding a baby dog and had told her sister Chloe if she should win, would she PLEASE win the dog for her. After a many rounds of placing quarters on numbers and spinning a number wheel, Chloe won. Amid a crowd of people she yelled out “Please give me that dog for my sister Violet”. Chloe is just 5 years old. The entire table went silent. Chloe was handed the dog and she ran to Violet and gave it to her. They hug in an embrace that told me our Lord did this. Violet thanked Chloe and they were better than just sisters. They became BEST Sisters.

After that beautiful exchange between sisters, we walked into the hall and began to look among the items in the silent auction. Chloe had noticed a game that she wanted and I placed her name on the list with an amount and told her we would wait until the auction to see if she had won. The game was actually a pair of identical games that were both the same but different roller coaster games. We waited for the auction and Chloe was so excited to wait for her name to be called. It took a long time for them to get to the table where her toys were and they read the name and it was not Chloe who won. She had been outbid. She looked at me from across the room and shook her head yes as if to say did they say it? Did I win? And I looked at her and shook my head no and opened my arms to receive the broken hearted Chloe. She cried so hard walking back in defeat. I could not consul her. I told her that because she had been SO gracious with her sister and won her the stuffed dog, I would take her right over to the toy store and buy her the same toy. She didn’t want anything to do with that. It was THAT raceway, THAT toy she wanted. I hugged her and after a few moments of crying, a little girl walked over with both the games Chloe had wanted and gave Chloe the pick of which one she could have. Chloe jumped up and down and was SO happy! So full of thanksgiving! She picked one not believing what the little girl had done for her and I told her she better thank her. She RAN to the girl and hugged her and thanked her. I took Violet and Chloe to the side and asked them who they thought made this happen? Violet smiled when I said this was all because of Jesus. I told them that Jesus had seen what Chloe had done for Violet and how much love she did it in for her sister that He provided someone to do the exact thing for Chloe. In unison, we all thanked our Lord together and told Him we loved Him.

The day before, on Saturday, walking through the same silent auction, someone had donated a box of porcelain doll pieces. Old doll wigs, arms, bodies, legs and everything you could need to build porcelain dolls. My Violet loved it! She wanted them all! They were not in the auction and we were approached and and asked if we would want to purchase two of them for the girls and I said yes. In the meantime, I had signed Violets name to another bid of three porcelain dolls on display, and when I did realized one of the Sisters from the girls school was the one we had just outbid. I left it alone; thinking someone else would bid higher. Sunday morning after Mass, we were asked again if we would just take the entire box of doll parts as no one was interested in them. I said yes and was then asked to make a few for the next years silent auction. My Violet was thrilled!

After Chloe had been given her game, we left the silent auction very happy and started to head home. The auction was far from over but we needed to leave. I was exhausted and my head was pounding. Just before 8:00 PM the phone rang. It was Marta from the Silent Auction letting me know that Violet had won the three dolls and I had to get there to pick them up and pay for them. I smiled and knew exactly what needed to be done. I asked Violet if it would be okay if we gave Sister the three dolls because we had been given so much. She said yes. I went back to Church, paid for the dolls and began to look for any of the Sisters from the School. I found two of them and told them the story, handing them the bag of dolls and letting them know, they belonged to Sister Therese.

On my way back to my car, I remembered I needed to change the Altar for the next morning Mass. I went into Church and noticed the Statue of St. Therese of Lisieux was brought to the front. All the day’s events filled my head in a flood of amazement. I realized it was her feast day and doing everything in love, was the easiest way to our Lord. Not feeling very well, after the Altar was taken care of, I searched for roses to place at her feet, for placing so many of our Lords in my arms.

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The Sacred Heart Bouquet

Tomorrow, June 15, is the feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. This afternoon, I had dressed the Altar in preparation for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for the feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. I noticed the flowers we had we not exactly perky and had spent way to much time on the Altar. Taking into account, Friday is payday, I knew I couldn’t just run out to buy flowers, so I left the Altar as it was, knowing I would run out in the morning to pick up flowers that were presentable to be placed in front of the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I left for home.

While at home, I thought about how I was going to get to the store before the first Mass. I thought about how I couldn’t really afford to place flowers I had dreamed of presenting. I love our Lord’s Sacred Heart and I always want to do the best for Him. I received a call from my Pastor who told me he was just in the church and noticed the flowers were a little expired. I giggled a bit and told him I knew and explained to him that I couldn’t provide anything until the morning as my finances were very low and I had hoped to place red and white roses at the foot of the statue, which was placed closer to the Altar. He was very happy to hear we were on the same page and we ended our conversation on a very happy note. I sat for a few moments and thought where am I going to go to find the flowers at that hour? I prayed to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for help once again, to ensure the feast would be beautiful and for help with finding the flowers and getting them there on time. Every time, she comes through. Mama Mary help me, has become a regular short prayer in dealing with situations like this, that often come up more then I like to admit.

After the call with my Pastor and pondering the problems that might become bigger, I asked my husband if we had any money. We were down to our last $30.00. I asked him if it would be okay for me to spend it on flowers for the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and he said yes. I ran to the store, hoping to find just a few red and white roses, with maybe a sprig of green. It wasn’t going to be much, but at least it would be something! I prayed in the car for Mama Mary’s help in finding just the right ones to place at my Lords feet. I started looking through numerous bouquets of flowers and came across the red roses I was looking for. Looking and looking again, no white roses to be found. After a little sigh, I was grateful they had the red ones and this was not a florist or a specialty store, but they had them and it was something to present with the little amount of money I had.

After purchasing a little over a dozen roses, drove straight to the church. As I was walking in with the red roses in hand, I passed by the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. I peeked in to bow to our Lord and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. On the floor, in front of the tabernacle, were two dozen white roses. It had only been less then a half hour since speaking to my Pastor on the phone and no one heard my conversation with him. I know he didn’t get them. I walked in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and approached the tabernacle in awe. I had been there earlier in the day, not much more then two hours before this time and the flowers were not there. I didn’t know what to say to our Lord at first, but as soon as the thank you came to mind, the tears came to my eyes.

I took the white roses with me and prepared them with the red roses, exactly as I had hoped to do and placed them at the foot of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was 5:00 PM as I finished, and the church bells began to chime. I sat in awe and prayer and the love I had for the Most Sacred Heart of our Lord, grew even more.

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