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Secular Worlds Witch-hunt


In the recent events of the CEO of Mozilla and now another man from another site being fired from their jobs because in 2008 who supported Traditional Marriage, I see the entire world consumed by hate.

All the rhetoric from the secular world for years, about how the Church hunted down “Witches” is coming back to bite the very accusers.

Hate beguiles hate, and when we hate another with such venom and destruction, we become the very thing we hate. The secular world is now on a “Witch” hunt, seeking to destroy anyone and any idea that does not comply with their way of thinking.

The world that despised what it thought was hate, has been consumed by its own hatred…

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Consistency Of God

Sunrise God

I had a very interesting, slightly disturbing dream last night. I was as I am and was attending a family gathering. It was a wedding for a niece. It did not take place in the Catholic Church. It was very secular. My Grandfather, who had died many years ago was there. You would “expect” him to be as he was but he was not. The cheerful full of life, consistent man of love for our Lord, self-respect and respect for others that I knew growing up, had changed. His face was the same but he died his hair red, and was more interested in leaving the event to go find a new wife as in this dream my grandmother had been long gone.

It was disturbing to see who I knew, become something I would never expect him to be. He was self-centered. Didn’t care for much but his outward appearance and was not interested in “family” nor the concern for the fact that this wedding was not as it should be. I had mentioned in this dream to my sister whose daughter was getting married, “Gee, It’s great to see Grandpa but I so miss the big hearty Grandpa “Hello” from the gentle man I once knew.”

I awoke and began to pray as I always do. When my morning offering was complete, I then thought of how disturbing this dream was. For what I had thought of my grandfather and what he truly was all of his life, for him to become as the world would go, was quite frightening. He had become “creepy grandpa”. I was disturbed to even think of him in this way.

I walked outside in the back yard and sat down as the sun was poking out above the mountains. I began to pray about it and quite honestly, was thinking about my grandfather rather than any other meaning that could have come about. In an instant, all I had been thinking about him was derailed. My train of thought jumped the tracks and boom, out of nowhere, I hear in my heart “For I am the LORD, I do not change”.

This was no longer about “creepy grandpa”. This is about the consistency of Abba Father and His plan for salvation for all mankind, derailing the worlds.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change to appease the heart of stone. He removes the heart of stone and replaces it with a heart of flesh and that heart of flesh beats in unison with Him. Therefore man no longer seeks for God to “change” to submit to his demands of sinfulness, but rather agrees through obedience to God, to turn from sinfulness to Him who never changes and always wins. The Heart of Flesh does as He commands. It does as He designed it to do. It does as He wills. It does because it understands the meaning of love. If it did not, our Lord would become as “creepy grandpa”. Never able to live up to the expectations of any soul as He would change with the tide, and change with the times. He is set firm in His Word and deed.

Like all these other fad faiths that come and go, yeah, its “nice” to see them, but without “Consistency” its just “creepy grandpa”.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

Praised be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all consolation! He comforts us in all our afflictions and thus enables us to comfort those who are in trouble, with the same consolation we have received from him. As we have shared much in the sufferings of Christ, so through Christ do we share abundantly in his consolation.

EDIT TO ADD – From Pope Francis today:
“God’s hands who created us like a craftsman.” They are wounded hands and they accompany us throughout life. Let us, “entrust ourselves into God’s hands like a child put its hand into the hand of its Father. It’s a safe hand.” – Pope Francis


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That Dangerous Catholic Church

“But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.” Matthew 12:14

I can’t help but wonder if those who are writing the articles lately about how “Dangerous” the Catholic Church is, understand that Jesus Christ was considered to be just as dangerous, if not more, by the “Media” in His time. So much so, even an assassination attempt was made on Him in which He “slipped away”. (John 8:59 At this, they picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds.) How dare she (Catholic Church) speak the truth! How dare she teach morals! Yes. The Catholic Church is VERY dangerous to this world. As dangerous as the Queen of this Church, “terrible as an army set in battle array”.

This is how the evil one sees faith. Horrable! Miserable! Dangerous! Because, she is the ice breaker, barrling through frozen hearts. Breaking up any doubt of God that society tries to bury. Bringing peace where only chaos was. Teaching truth where self deception runs a muck.

Faith without knowledge is the true danger. This game is played to often in today’s society, and though history, that results in a false god being created because it makes us feel good, rather then admitting our errors in the life we are leading, that are in fact separating us from the love of the true God. The Catholic Church is here, not only as a moral voice for society, but the very TEACHER of the truth of Christ.

When I hear people say the Catholic Church is so outdated and needs to change, I can’t help to ask the question, who exactly do you worship because God never changes. Its silly to think I worship the Catholic Church or any catholic does. We worship God. If we worshiped the Catholic Church we would be worshiping ourselves as WE ARE the Catholic Church.

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Where Are You Volunteers In Faith

Today being First Friday, along with the last School Mass before Summer Vacation, I attended the 9 AM Mass with my children and all their classmates. Following Mass, it was a day of FUN and no classes. I helped out getting lunches and with a few games and the entire time was nothing but a welcomed distraction away from the world. A distraction away from a lot of sadness I felt last night after attending a meeting, in which I will be a group leader for our Vacation Bible Study for children.

At the meeting last night, during the introductions, I couldn’t help but feel the worry from 90% of the other volunteers. Most of which are grandparents who are the ONLY source of religious activities in their grand children’s lives. Most of which mentioned that for most of the children who would be attending, the week long program was the ONLY TIME through the year, God was even mentioned in the children’s lives.

I couldn’t help but feel the secular world crushing down on these poor people as they watch with so much worry as another generation of children are growing up without any knowledge of God and the Catholic Faith. Where is the miscommunication? Where is the disconnect between them and the Catholic children THEY raised, who now refuse to give THEIR children the same gift of faith, their parents gave them?

I couldn’t help but think of how many baptisms are performed along with First Communions. How many people attend mass when there is a special occasion. Or even the amount of people who attend on Christmas & Easter. I wondered, where are all these couples were, who were so determined about having the big Catholic Wedding? When couples choose to get married in the Catholic Church, your swearing an oath to God, not just to each other, but also to the entire Church.

The Catholic spouse, if the other spouse is not Catholic, must promise to do all that he or she can to have the children baptized and raised in the Catholic faith. If your married in the Catholic Church its required to bring your children up Catholic. Where are all the parents? If more couples spent as much time preparing for that wedding day as they did ensuring their children know who God is, maybe our children could fix a lot of the problems we now have in today’s society. Never forget! The absence of God, is hell. If we can’t set aside at least some time each day to pray and learn about God with our children, ask yourself, who are you raising God’s children for?

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