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Annunciation Prayer For Us All


Father, you came down to me, you have come to me, you have touched my heart, you have spoken to me and promised joy, presence and salvation. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, who overshadows me, I, together with Mary, have been able to say to you yes, the ‘Here I am’ of my life for you. Now there remains only the force of your promise, of your truth: “You are to conceive and bear Jesus”. Lord, here is the womb of my life, of my being, of all that I am and have, open before you. I place all things in you, in your heart. Enter, come, come down again, I beg you, and make me fruitful, make me one who gives birth to Christ in this world. May the overflowing love I receive from you find its fullness and truth in touching the brothers and sisters that you place beside me. May our meeting, Father, be open, a gift to all. May Jesus be the Saviour. Amen.


(Closing prayer from OCarm Lectio Divina )

Be holy

(Lectio Divina:

Monday, April 9, 2018

God’s covenant with humanity
Mary’s yes and our yes
Luke 1,26-38)

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God’s Proposal

The Bible is the ultimate love story and every soul created by God, is asked to participate in this love story. Before the moment God willed us into existence, the love story had already begun. Each and every day of every souls life in this world, He is proposing marriage to us. Every day He awaits your answer and every day that answer should be yes. YES! Not just a love but The True Love in which no other can ever compare. He is the One. The One who loves the unlovable. I am who am. Every day He sends you flowers. He whispers in your ear. Day after day, second after second, even while your sleeping, He never stops loving you. He gave you a life and He sustains you. He is aware of your faults, all of them and loves you anyway. He showers you with everything you can ever need to survive. He arranges the lives of others around you so your life is able to mesh into where you are now. He has written you the most beautiful love letters and has given you a plan of action to follow to find Him. To seek Him in everything you encounter so your life here and the cross you carry is much lighter, until the day your room is ready that He is building just for you in His home.

He knows what you need and He will never disappoint you. He paid your bill for eternal life. He makes you laugh when you need to and cry when you ponder His love for you. He knows your pain because He has felt it and feels it with you. He knows everything to know about you because he knew you before you were formed.

His proposal to you is simple. Work with Him, not against Him. Like any relationship, communication is key. Talk to Him. He will answer you. Listen to Him and do everything He tells you. He needs you to love Him first. Place Him first so your life here becomes remarkably peaceful. Place yourself last and Him first. Forget your needs and your wants because He never will. Remember what He needs from you. To say YES every day of your life, to the marriage truly made in heaven. To become One with Him for eternity.

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

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The Wedding Of A Soul

Spiritual Marriage

He chooses and makes Himself known to her.
The bride to be has time to accept..
If she says yes…A ring is given..
She receives it, and places it in the hand of her Mother In Law, so it can never be given back. The Bride Groom continues to court His bride from afar, insuring her love for Him.

The love between the two is undeniable..
The day of the wedding, many gather to prepare the Mother In Law…
She is paraded and sung to and the Bride Groom is in attendance after…

The bride goes unnoticed by the attendants.. But is in the hand of her Bride Groom.
The bride knows the love He has for her and after the guests in attendance “Salut” the Bride Groom and sing to Him, the Lovers go their separate ways, but together eternally joined.. Consummating the Marriage through “Word”, never to be separated…

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