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The Gospel According To Andrew Lloyd Webber



Jesus Christ Superstar

Forever, this musical has been destroyed…

Back in the day that this musical was produced, I was seven years old. By the time I was twelve, an older sibling had moved out of the house and left the album behind. The same took place at a neighbors home. His brother had moved out and my younger brother and our neighbor friend had gotten together to listen to music and make their own version of Jesus Christ Superstar. As it turned out, it was a comedy. A major comedy, much as the same as  Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original.  Never get your theology from Broadway. Everything is lost in translation. From what I heard, last nights live performance was running late and the Resurrection was cut. Honestly, proving my point.

I wish I had the original tapes from that day they were originally recorded to share. My brother and our neighbor friend, compiled the entire musical from a fifth graders point of view, in our grade school setting. Most of it dealing with the teachers being the bad guys, and the children being on the side of Jesus. They would play the album on our old turn table, at a 45 rpm speed, rather than the required 33 rpm, as the entire story played out. The laughter outweighed the entire story. If you seek to go back and listen to the original, during “Judas Death” scene, see if you can point out the Batman Theme Song. Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it.


As last nights performance played live on television, I was taking care of other things. After a week of Easter preparations, I was simply exhausted, forgetting it was on. Logging on to my social media, I realized I had missed it. I began to search youtube for the videos, and found some from the original performance. The second I hit play, I began to laugh hysterically, remembering the Original Tapes of my brother’s rendition of the musical.

Nothing from Broadway is Sacred.

Thank you Lord for the memories, and a stunning Easter Triduum, still playing.  Still holding my full attention.



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Don’t Forget Your Catholic Vitamins


VERY short post as copied from my facebook account today after a night of very good reading.

Spent some time reading St. Thomas Aquinas last night (without distractions) and realized what was missing in society today. His writings are like taking vitamins for the mind and intellect.

 St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us

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Moving Past “Killing Jesus”


There has been a lot of discussion about Bill O’Riley’s “Killing Jesus” lately and to be very honest, I had not seen it nor read the book. There is no need for me to. I don’t need evidence to my Lords death as I believe with my entire heart, He has risen and Lives still.

Back in 1995 a movie came out by Mel Gibson called “Braveheart”. At the time I was in a miserable relationship and truly was missing love in my life. I didn’t know what love was nor how to love. I was VERY far away from our Lord and the Catholic Church. I had heard of this movie many times but had not gone out of my way to see it at the theater. Two years after it had made its debut, I was able to see it on cable TV. I was so captivated by it and when I did see it, I began a journey to see if this was a true story. I sought the Truth. I wanted facts and I wanted to know if this man William Wallace was real. I had been living a lie for most of my life the very first time I looked for Truth, it was on the path of finding it based on a Hollywood Movie. Most of which had a lot of misinformation.

The desire to learn became a raging fire and our Lord lead me from one point to the next, coaxing me on and causing that stir inside my soul to dig deep!

The point I will make is a flame of Love was lit inside of me and I was hungry for the truth. The constant searching for information on Sir William Wallace lead me deeper into looking for more and more. I was not only tired of misinformation but wanted that little bit of Truth I had found but looking deeper to grow. In searching for the Truth, it lead me back to our Lord and the Catholic Church. It was the VERY beginning of my “knocking” on the door of “Truth”, it opening, and walking through. I truly believe our Lord uses everything to lead souls back to Him. Entertainment being one of the roads. He speaks to us through everything, coaxing us back to Him.

The correlation to “Killing Jesus” is huge here. The key I need to stress is not to stop at “Killing Jesus”, but to continue on seeking, more and more as its only the outer layer of skin to the path to the Heart of our Lord. “Killing Jesus” and other entertainment like “Jesus Christ Superstar” etc, can open the door to to soul to seek the truth, but should NEVER be used as the Truth itself. Entertainment should never replace the Teaching we have followed from the beginning, but should lead the soul to them, therefore leading the soul to love our Lord and LIVE the faith “We Profess” (Hebrews 10:23-24). As I looked for “Braveheart” I was lead back to His “Sacred Heart”. A blessed Easter Monday to all. “He has risen indeed”

Personal note I need to point out – Sir William Wallace was a Roman Catholic. At his execution: “Sir William then asked for his Psalter to be brought to him, so that he could read it. Another priest came forward, and held it open for him. Sir William’s gaze became transfixed, and his lips could be seen moving in prayer, even while his entrails were being removed, until death overpowered him.”

Braveheart letter to Pope returns to Scotland

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